Southern California Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. An estimated 18.5 million U.S. adults have a substance use disorder. Addiction, medically known as substance use disorder (SUD), is a treatable medical disorder affecting the body and the brain. Individuals with the disorder see massive changes in behavior, personality, and physical health, which go on to affect long-term health, relationships, and opportunities. Yet, while modern rehab and treatment can help most of us overcome addiction, only about 10.8% of people in need of treatment ever seek out rehab.

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At Sanctuary of Transformation, we understand the barriers to drug treatment, we understand that addiction is about a disorder and underlying problems rather than symptoms, and we understand that you don’t want to move from one drug to another for treatment. Our Southern California holistic drug rehab program offers a better approach to SUD treatment, with an approach intended to treat the mind, body, and spirit of every individual. We offer fully personalized drug addiction treatment designed to include everything you need to change and to cultivate meaning in your life. Our residential holistic drug rehab center is in beautiful Laguna Hills, Orange County, CA where you can relax and find a safe place to recover.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a full-continuum approach to rehabilitation, beginning with detox and ending with aftercare and maintenance. Sanctuary of Transformation uses a combination of evidence-based psychotherapy and counseling alongside complimentary therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, and music.

Our sunny Orange County drug rehab center offers a beautiful and safe space to recover. But, most importantly, we also deliver a strong medical team of qualified and licensed professionals, ready to walk you through every step of rehab in safety, comfort, and dignity. Every person who walks through our doors is admitted to a sanctuary, where the individual and their individual problems are most important, where we promise to work with you and to dive deep to learn about you, so we can offer a fully personalized recovery program designed to treat your problems, not your symptoms.

Modern medical science is clear on the fact that substance use disorders stem from diverse mental, physical, and psychological problems including stress, trauma, childhood experiences, learned behavior, and epigenetics. It only makes sense that rehab should consider those problems and attempt to treat all of the issues affecting your long-term mental and physical health.

That’s what the holistic drug rehab program at Sanctuary of Transformation is about. Offering a complete analysis, diagnosis, and treatment for your problems.

Residential Drug Treatment

All drug treatment at the Sanctuary of Transformation is conducted in Laguna Hills, at our Orange County drug rehab center. We do not offer outpatient treatment, because we believe that inpatient or residential care is the best choice for most of our patients.

What is Drug Treatment like at Sanctuary of Transformation?

Drug treatment is about assessing you as an individual and creating a treatment program designed to tackle your individual problems, while building up your skills, coping mechanisms, and relationships. The idea is that you leave Sanctuary of Transformation with the ability to live a complete and fulfilling life, without drugs.


Intake and assessment make up the first steps of our drug rehab program. In most cases, you begin this by calling us at 949-397-1397 to talk to one of our consultants. We will set up a call to collect important information we need about your personal, medical, and family history. Following the intake call, you can visit us at our Orange County rehab center in Laguna Hills. During intake, you’ll be asked more questions and given an assessment by our medical staff. This information is used to create a personalized detox and rehab program for you, so that we know what you need to recover safely.

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Most people come to our Laguna Hills sanctuary in need of detox. This means you are still physically dependent on a drug and you need to get it out of your system. Detoxification is the process of medically monitoring and managing withdrawal to ensure that it is as safe and as stress free as possible.

At Sanctuary of Transformation, we offer holistic, alternative detox therapy. We offer both acute and sub-acute detox, with options for social detox.

Acute Detox

Acute detox is ideal for individuals who are heavily addicted to a substance and who expect to go through strong withdrawal symptoms. Acute detox includes stabilization with prescription medication and 24/7 medical monitoring to ensure you move through detox as safely and comfortably as possible.

Sub-Acute Detox

Sub-acute detox is recommended for individuals with lower withdrawal symptoms. Here, you will likely receive medication to stabilize the withdrawal process, but your detox will be less structured, and you will be free to join counseling and psychotherapy programs.

Social Detox

You experience your body returning to its natural state, with the full support of our compassionate and caring medical staff, support from your peers, and counseling and therapy. Medical monitoring is in place to ensure that you get immediate medical care in case it is needed. This option is ideal for individuals who have already gone through detox on their own or who are mentally addicted to a substance with only a light physical dependency.

Detox timelines can vary considerably depending on the drug, but most individuals will need medical monitoring for 3-10 days following the last dose, after which they can more fully participate in treatment programs.

Drug Treatment

Drug treatment at Sanctuary of Transformation involves a combination of evidence-based treatment, holistic alternative therapy, and support from our staff and peers.

Psychotherapy – Our medical staff are licensed to offer evidence-based behavioral therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Family Therapy. These therapies help you to address underlying behaviors, develop coping mechanisms, and build new and healthy behaviors to foster healthy living and relationships.

Counseling – Counseling helps you to work through personal problems in group and individual settings. Here, you work with counselors trained in addiction, substance use disorder, family, and mental health issues to understand trauma, to develop new coping mechanisms, and to learn how to move forward.

Group Therapy – Sanctuary of Transformation integrates options for group therapy like 12-Step from day one, allowing you to integrate into a community of your peers and to begin building the networks and relationships that will help you stay clean. These programs offer significant benefits in recovery through social motivation and support

Nutrition – Benefit from full nutrition therapy with daily meals prepared by our in-house chef, designed to tackle nutritional deficiencies and restore your body to full health.

Complimentary Therapies – Benefit from yoga, mindfulness, nature therapy, Binaural sound, and other holistic therapies designed to add to our traditional, evidence-based psychotherapy approach.

Life Skills – Learn the life skills that will help you stay clean and sober as you return to your life.

Medical Support – In many cases, it’s crucial to offer medical support to stabilize withdrawal, so that you can recover in dignity and comfort.

Education – It’s crucial that you learn about your disorder, how addiction works, and how relapse works. We attempt to give you every tool you need to be mindful of your physical and mental health as you move back into your life.

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Whether you stay with us for 21 days or 120+, we care about what happens after. That’s why Sanctuary of Transformation offers a comprehensive aftercare program. Application will vary depending on whether you live in Orange County or are coming in from out of state. Discuss your aftercare possibilities with our consultant.


What Can I Expect from Drug Rehab?

Our drug rehab program is designed to treat the whole person, every part of your mind and body. From the moment you step inside our sanctuary, you’ll be welcomed by caring staff, understanding peers, and the tools you need to make meaningful change to your health and to your behavior.

Drug addiction is not a personal failure, a weakness, or something to be ashamed of. It’s a complex disorder tied to social, psychological, biological, and environmental factors. Treating it requires a rehab program that tackles the complexities of being human, that can assess what you need and deliver that through a whole-person program. Sanctuary of Transformation offers that personalized approach, which allows us to address you as an individual rather than just your symptoms.

Personalized Treatment

Treatment is fully personalized to your needs, to treat your actual problems, in an order that makes sense for your health. We deliver fully personalized programs designed around your needs and your problems. Personalized treatment means your stay can vary considerably, with programs starting from about 21 days of inpatient care.

Dual Diagnosis

Our personalized approach to rehab makes us especially well-suited to offering dual-diagnosis support. The licensed medical staff at Sanctuary of Transformation can work to treat co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, to reduce the effect symptoms have on your recovery. If you’re struggling with a mental illness alongside your drug use disorder, you have to treat both to recover.

Insurance Coverage

Sanctuary of Transformation is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and approved by most major insurance companies including Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Multiplan. Verify your benefits here.

Full Days

Holistic treatment is about treating your mind, helping your body to recover, and bringing you to a place of peace, comfort, and spiritual awareness. Every day at Sanctuary of Transformation will be filled with therapy, exercise, healthy food, caring people, beautiful scenery, calming nature, and activities designed to empower you to be creative, peaceful, stress-free, and happy. Your days will be full but also relaxing, empowering, and fulfilling.

Holistic drug rehab is about addressing every aspect of your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, so that when you leave our doors, it is from a place of stability and recovery.

Getting Help

Living with a drug addiction is life-changing, hopeless, and it can leave you helpless. It doesn’t have to. Seeking out treatment is about taking control of your life, taking the steps to get better, and giving yourself a second chance. At Sanctuary of Transformation, we are here for you with modern and effective drug rehab services designed to tackle every aspect of your disorder and to get you back on your feet.

No matter where you are on your recover journey, we are here to help.