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Over 14 million U.S. adults have an alcohol use disorder. Another 26.4% of the U.S. population has a problematic relationship with alcohol, regularly binge drinking. Alcohol addiction and abuse is normalized in the United States, but the truth is, alcohol ruins lives. Those of the abuser and those of the people around that person. Yet, while we know that alcohol use disorder is a complex, treatable mental health disorder, only 6.7% of us ever go on to seek treatment. Yet, treatment does help.


At Sanctuary of Transformation, an Orange County alcohol rehab center, we offer a truly personalized and compassionate approach to rehab. Our licensed and trained staff understand that alcohol use disorders are complex and rooted in upbringing, epigenetics, genetics, economics, social condition, and mental health. We know it takes a full-body approach to move you into recovery and we are here to understand you and your needs to help you on your way to a healthy life. Alcohol addiction is a struggle that impacts every aspect of your life. Our Southern California alcohol rehab center is here to offer you a sanctuary to recover. 

What is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol use disorder or AUD is a complex mental disorder affecting your body as a whole. With roots in genetics, epigenetics, psychology, emotional reactions, mental health, and social standing, alcoholism is an incredibly complex disorder. At Sanctuary of Transformation, we believe that you cannot fully treat AUD without a full-body or whole person approach. That’s why we use holistic alcohol rehab, with each program designed around the individual person and their needs, to target your problems.

From the moment you step through the doors of our Orange County alcohol rehab center, you’ll be met with the warmth of a team that cares. Our staff consist of licensed medical professionals, chosen for expertise, compassion, and empathy. Every one of us specializes in a therapy, treatment, or complimentary therapy designed to help you move out of addiction and into a healthy, happy life. This includes behavioral therapy like CBT and DBT, stress-reduction therapy and mindfulness, exercise, yoga, meditation, and healthy eating and nutrition. We’ll also work with you to improve emotional stability, build and foster healthy relationships, and recover the relationships you have with intensive family therapy.

Addiction affects every aspect of your life. At Sanctuary of Transformation, we understand that means treatment must affect every aspect of your life.

Our Residential Alcohol Treatment Program

Sanctuary of Recovery offers a residential or inpatient alcohol treatment program at our beautiful clinic in sunny, Orange California. We only offer treatment at our Laguna Hills facility, because we believe that inpatient care is necessary to offer the full personalization and scope of treatment needed to fully recover.

Inpatient care allows us to offer:

Full medical monitoring with support for acute and subacute detox.
Full program personalization, with 24/7 monitoring and constant program adjustments.
A full scope of holistic, alternative therapy and complimentary therapies.
Exercise and nutritional therapy to help you fully recover your mental and physical health.
A hands-on-approach to counseling and therapy.

Inpatient care is necessary for individuals who need medical monitoring during detox, individuals who have attempted to get sober before and have failed, and anyone with a moderate to severe addiction. Because that encompasses most alcohol addiction patients, we choose inpatient care as the most effective treatment option.

How Long Are Residential Programs?

Inpatient alcohol rehab programs typically last for 21-120 days. In most cases, you need at least 6 days to fully detox from alcohol. Our staff will customize a program and program length for you based on your medical history, addiction, and any co-occurring disorders that also require treatment.

Inpatient or residential treatment requires that you take time off, make arrangements for family care, and sometimes to step away from responsibilities. But, that’s good. Rehab should be about focusing on yourself, stepping away from stress, and learning to cope with your problems and your health. Our sunny Orange California alcohol rehab center offers the ideal space to do so, in peace, comfort, and relaxation. We offer the sanctuary you need to find yourself.

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What is the Alcohol Treatment Process?

Our southern California holistic alcohol rehab center offers fully personalized treatment, meaning that your individual journey through rehab will depend on your mental health, your physical health, and your addiction. However, most will follow the same general steps, with intake, detox, and alcohol addiction treatment. This will last 21-120+ days depending on your needs.


Intake is one of the most important elements of alcohol treatment, because it allows us to determine what you need to recover. In most cases, you or a family member will initiate treatment by calling us at 949-397-1397. From there, we’ll set up a call to request personal information including your medical history, personal history, and other data.

You may also choose to tour our alcohol rehab center in Orange County before committing to stay with us. Once you do, we will follow up with a thorough medical and mental health assessment to determine detox, therapy, and counseling needs throughout the program. All information we collect is fully confidential and is only used to personalize your alcohol recovery program. 

You’ll normally share a room with 1 or more peers, and you’ll be advised on what to bring based on the time of year and the weather.


Alcohol is difficult and dangerous to withdraw from. That’s why we recommend that most people withdraw in a medically supervised environment with medication to ensure a stable and safe withdrawal. This process is known as detoxification and is carried out at our Laguna Hills detox clinic. Most people come to our Laguna Hills sanctuary in need of detox. This means you are still physically dependent on a drug and you need to get it out of your system. Detoxification is the process of medically monitoring and managing withdrawal to ensure that it is as safe and as stress free as possible.

Here, you will receive 24/7 medical monitoring throughout the alcohol withdrawal process, prescription medication to stabilize you and prevent seizures, and therapy and counseling.

While alcohol detox timelines can vary considerably, the following timeline applies to most patients:

2-12 Hours – Alcohol leaves the system. You begin sweating, shaking, and will experience anxiety, nausea, and headaches.
24-48 Hours – Symptoms continue to worsen over the first 48 hours. Some patients begin to have seizures and should be monitored at all times. Heavy drinkers risk developing very severe symptoms including confusion, hallucinations, and extreme agitation, which could be dangerous to you and to the people around you without proper treatment.

Symptoms begin to plateau after the first 48 hours and will eventually abate for most patients within 4-6 days. Some people experience symptoms for up to 14 days following their last drink. And, a small percentage of individuals will experience delirium tremens, with ongoing symptoms which increase in severity.

At Sanctuary of Transformation, our licensed medical staff offer compassionate care throughout this process, with acute and sub-acute detox options.

Acute Detox

Heavy drinkers are recommended to our acute detox program, which includes a heavily structured medical program complete with prescription medication to stabilize symptoms and prevent seizures. You will likely be on bed rest for most of this program.

Sub-acute Detox

Moderate drinkers or those who have already gone through the worst of alcohol withdrawal benefit from sub-acute detox. Here, you receive a lighter dose of medication to stabilize symptoms and can already begin to take part in therapy and complementary therapy programs available across our campus.

You may also choose to move through detox without the addition of prescription medication, providing you have already gone through detox and are not at risk of seizures or other life-threatening complications.

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Alcohol Treatment

Our Southern California holistic alcohol treatment program is designed to treat you as a whole-person, with a full range of evidence-based and complimentary therapies. Not everyone will have access to every treatment option, as your alcohol rehab program will be fully tailored to your needs and your mental and physical health.

Psychotherapy – We deliver science-based behavioral therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Family Therapy. These therapies are delivered by licensed therapists who can help you understand the behaviors underlying addiction, to build healthy coping mechanisms, to build new behaviors, and to improve your life through relationships, family, and behavior.
Counseling – Sanctuary of Transformation offers group and individual counseling to help you work through problems, thoughts, behavioral problems cravings, and more.
Complimentary Therapies – We deliver a full range of complimentary therapies to treat your whole body. These include nutrition and fitness therapy, mindfulness, meditation, stress management, Boom fitness, binaural sound, and other holistic approaches to bringing your total mind and body to a healthy state.
Medical Support – We offer full medical support, with prescription medication including disulfiram, acamprosate, and naltrexone to stabilize and manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Not every patient will receive medical support in recovery, so this is something to discuss with your consultant and during intake.
Education – Alcohol abuse disorder affects every part of your mind, body, and emotions. It’s crucial that you understand how addiction impacts you, your thought process, and the people around you. We attempt to give you the tools to stay sober by understanding how you feel, why, and what to do about it.
Social Support – Get help from your peers with full access to 12-step groups like AA throughout treatment.


Addiction recovery is about your long-term health and your ability to stay sober after you leave our Sanctuary. That’s why we offer aftercare options, to Orange County locals and to anyone from out of state who’s decided to attend our Southern California rehab. Ask about aftercare options such as sober living, ongoing treatment, and job placement programs to learn more.

What Can I Expect from Holistic Alcohol Rehab?

Sanctuary of Transformation offers a truly personalized, whole-body approach to alcohol treatment. Our Southern California holistic alcohol rehab center is designed to be a home away from home while you stay with us, a safe space to recover, to redefine yourself, and to build a new life for yourself. That process begins with our staff and a truly empathetic and caring environment.

Licensed Staff

Our staff consist of medical professionals with expertise in addiction treatment, trauma, relationship therapy, and addiction-related behavioral therapy. Our staff are chosen to be competent, caring, empathetic, and fully engaged in helping each person in their care to succeed.

Personalized Treatment

No person is alike and, therefore, no addiction is alike. That’s why we fully customize alcohol addiction treatment to fully meet the needs of the individual. Walking in our doors means being met with people who care about you and who you are, so we can truly treat your problems.

Dual Diagnosis Support

Millions of Americans suffer from a dual-diagnosis of both a substance use disorder and a mental illness. This makes sense, because mental illnesses increase vulnerability to substance use disorders. Treating those disorders alongside addiction is critical to not only treating the addiction, but also to preventing relapse and ensuring that you can walk away healthy. Sanctuary of Transformation offers full support for dual diagnosis, including behavioral therapy, support for medication, and custom programs designed to help you through the worst aspects of your disorders so you can move onto treatment.

Holistic Care

We treat every part of your health, including physical, emotional, and mental. When you step into our Sanctuary, you begin to take part in a full program of evidence-based and complimentary therapy including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutritional therapy, nature therapy, music therapy, and more. We keep you busy throughout the day, delivering a serene experience of relaxation and learning, in our beautiful Southern California, and complete with delicious and nutritious meals, soothing exercise, and compassionate people.
Alcohol rehab is about treating you as a whole person, and that means considering every aspect of you, your health, and your history. No matter where you are in your journey or your life, we are here for you.

Getting Help

Alcohol addiction is not the end. You can seek treatment, you can recover, and you can make your life better than it was before. Call us at 949-397-1397 to begin your recovery. Our alcohol recovery center in Southern California is a sanctuary where you can fully recover.

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