Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Facility

Why worry about where you’re living during treatment? Luxury living spaces, clean and private bathrooms, high-end kitchens stocked with great food, spacious outdoor patios infused with plant life and zen fountains. What more do you need to be comfortable during your stay in treatment? You may ask… What about a gym with exercise equipment, cozy bedrooms, and other amenities? We have all that. There is nothing we’ve left out to make sure your stay with us is beyond comfortable. You deserve the best while trying to recover.

Orange County Treatment Facility Features

Accountability and involvement with peers. Cultivating sense of community.
Warm, sunny, with cool ocean breeze for refreshing and stabilizing sensory experience.
Fully functional and upgraded standard of living
Meals, snacks, and balanced nutrition always available.
Clean, private, rejuvenating restrooms.
Safe environment for authorized clients, staff, and approved guests.
Serene, peaceful environment
Learn to surf, absorb sun rays, and appreciate nature.
Relaxing, inspiring, and spacious inside environment.
Privacy and camaraderie without dormitory living.
Fosters independence and sanitary living
Approved and monitored phone calls available.

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